The old turret clock is back again in its traditional spot

Since last week, the old turrent clock again resides in its traditional spot, the clock turret of Grünsberg Castle. For a long time, it has been in the Bayreuth clock hospital. At first it was supposed to only recover from its age and its damages. But then many good people have collected money for the purpose of operating it and let it recuperate.
Now it is back home again flown around by bats and hornets. With its long pendulum you can clearly hear it ticking slowly throughout the entire building. It had required new weights. The old ones had become crumbly over the centuries.
To have the clock continuously running, the weights would have to be pulled up every day. But then the clock would strike every hour also during the night. Nowadays, this does not fit anymore. Therefore the pendulum and the clock strikes are activated only occasionally and temporarily for demonstration purposes or special events. Everybody hearing it striking, is happy and many remind their childhood, when it used to strike day and night, at any wind and weather.
The old turret clock is already looking forward for the "Tag des offenen Denkmals" (national monument open day), 14 September 2008. It is hoping that by then many people will come to visit it on its turret. By striking the clock it will then cordially thank all donators for its repair.

Restaurierte Burgkapellenuhr

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